After Disappearing

The poetry of the white canvas, the possibilities, the waiting and the expectation. The white city, the morning mists, writing, re-writing, folding or unfolding. The less I show, the more you see.

About the Movie

With hundreds of slightly different triangles, the illusion of movement was created through replacement animation. For every frame, the triagle would be replaced with an other triangle, taking hundreds of pictures to make the movement as smooth as possible. We embraced the concept silence by using white paper to show the fragility and delicacy. The Sound Design is done by Arzu Saglam and Rebecca Glover.

Nog één keer niets

Met al zijn macht

About the Concept

I made a film about nothing. About nothingness

You want to say something but can't find the words, the innermost feelings stay unmentioned through a lack of adjectives. I wanted to make something about that absence, but how do you express the inexpressible? And how can we observe silence with our eyes when in the essence silence is something we (can't) perceive with our ears. I investigated the void between words. I was fascinated by the white paper in front of me, gazing, naked, waiting for my first move. Everything is still possible