A Traveller's Car

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My first car ever, my beautiful Ford Mondeo- This is where it all started--

As a true adventurer I wanted to travel as freely as possible, and in New Zealand having your own transport is simply a must. I could either have bought a van or a car but since I was on a budget and alone, the car was the best option. But I needed a place to sleep- A bed!

So… How am I going to do this?

There where a few… problems: I had no machines I had no workshop I had no idea how to make a bed in the first place

But I am no quitter, so I bought a very cheap handsaw, I borrowed a drill from the hostel and made the hostel parking my workshop I started measuring up the back of the car and found out that it was everything but straight. So I gave up measuring and collected all the cardboard I could find to make a stansel. Then I tried to saw that all out, which was not simple: I was in Wellington, quite often called Windy Welly and for good reason: it was bloody windy! Trying to keep the cardboard in place and sawing with the cheapest saw in existence… Well… it was a challenge.